James "AVGN" Rolfe
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Title Ultimate Retro Game Reviewer
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth Date July 10th (Cancer)
Originally From AVGN
Played By Boshi
Debut RolePlay
James "AVGN" Rolfe was one of the characters featured in RolePlay. He has the title Ultimate Retro Game Reviewer, although the titles were never established in the first RolePlay. AVGN was funny.

AVGN was murdered by Reiko in Chapter 2 after Kaiji swapped places with him to stay alive.


AVGN arrived with the other patients at Hope's Peak Private Hospital to participate in an experiment that would save a dying world. When things went wrong, he was forced to play the killing game.





Last LineEdit

After all that, a drink's just what I need. Sorry Monokuma, but if you personally picked me to stay in here for your mutual killing or whatever, you should know what I do best. Besides reviewing games. - Chapter 2

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