MK4-13 Reiko
Title Ultimate General
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Originally From Mortal Kombat
Played By Boshi
Debut RolePlay
Reiko was one of the characters featured in RolePlay. He has the title Ultimate General, although the titles were never established in the first RolePlay. He was a cold, fierce warrior who seemed to remember Hinata from a time before the game was played. He claimed to be general to someone known as Shao Kahn, and he also seemed to believe that he was Shao Kahn at the end of Chapter 2.

Reiko murdered AVGN in Chapter 2 after scheming a devious plan to constantly throw everyone off-base. In the end, he claimed he did not matter because he had become the ruler of Outworld. Reiko was then discovered as the culprit and thus executed.


Reiko arrived with the other patients at Hope's Peak Private Hospital to participate in an experiment that would save a dying world. When things went wrong, he was forced to play the killing game.


Reiko was a calm, collected person who seemed to get along with the other sensible patients. He was very disgusted by fecal matter.

Coach Daniel StopframeEdit

Reiko and Stopframe developed an intimate relationship at the beginning of Chapter 2, it is unknown if Reiko had planned to manipulate Stopframe for his crime from the beginning or if he saw an opportunity arrise. Either way, they're gay.


Last LineEdit

Before I go...let me say, that I will return as my masters have before me. The Netherealm cannot hold me. I will come back, and destroy this bear, before conquering this world. That is, if he can manage to defeat me, which I doubt. - Chapter 2

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